Time to move on, Yvonne.

Yes, the title of this post is in fact a She’s the Man reference. Honestly, I do not believe there is a week that passes by that my siblings & I do not make some sort of reference to that wonderful movie. Which reminds me, I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it has been one of my favorite ecards to date.


And proof of a Facebook conversation with my thirteen year old sister last week.

Any way, the purpose of this post is not to ramble on about a hilarious movie – it is to keep everyone updated.

This week has been much better than last week. My head is still in a cloud, my life is still a whirlwind, but things are looking up. I allowed myself one week to sulk, one week to grieve. Thankfully time is up and it is time to move on with my life. I know C. would not be happy to see me upset or worrying. I know he is in good hands and that this experience is going to add a completely new dynamic to our relationship, take it to a level we have never been before.

As I have said before, you really do not fully understand exactly what you have until you no longer have it. I have always appreciated him, but I believe I love him now more than ever. At the beginning of our relationship C.would always ask me why I loved him and if I thought we would be together forever. My answer was always yes. When he asked why my answer steadily remained the same. I love C. more than life itself. I would literally take a bullet for that man. But most importantly, I know we will be together forever because it seems that with each year that passes by, I love him far more than I did the year before. Each time I assure myself that I could not possibly love anyone more than I love him now, I always prove myself wrong.

I received C’s mailing address this week. I can not wait to write him, but I decided I would wait a few days to ensure that he will not be picked on for getting the first letter. I also began following the Air Forces Basic Training page on Facebook. Hopefully they will post pictures of C’s flight soon. I know he will not be happy about me seeing him bald. I am quite positive that he is missing his ball cap right about now.

Only 49 days to go! I can do this. He can do this. We can do this.


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