Practice What You Preach

Other than Wordless Wednesdays and Throwback Thursdays, I have not posted much lately. I decided that I am going to be a little rebellious this Wednesday and post a not-so-wordless blog. Today, I am going to climb aboard my soap box and rant about something I feel passionate about.

Practice what you preach.

Social media makes it so easy for people to illustrate their lives in ways in which are completely untrue. I am a firm believer that life is what you make it. If you make your life out to be glorious on Facebook or Twitter, obviously you are aware of the finer things in life – why not actually live the life you are portraying online?

I stumbled upon a SomeEcard last week that said something about actually living out the bible verses you admire, not just getting them tattooed on you. It works the same for a status update, anyone can quote the bible and act as if they are truly happy, but it is your actions that count – not your status updates.

My life is not perfect, I am not perfect. Actually, I am far from perfect. I may not choose to share every single low point I have had ever endured throughout my life online, but I also don’t pretend I am a princess from another world that inherited millions of dollars and I have never had a bad day in my life. There is a difference between discretion and full on exaggeration.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the way people treat others. I see so many people treat others badly, but then post about how much they love the person and ramble on for hours about how great they are. Instead of putting it in your next status update, why don’t you actually tell the person you are referring to and maybe treat them with a little more love and respect?!

Instead of putting ample amounts of thought into your next status update or photo-op, why don’t you devote that time to focusing on your real life- not your online persona? If everyone would spend as much time in reality as they do on the web, maybe our relationships with one another would be much greater. If you really love someone as much as you say you do online, show them. If you really want to live your life for the Lord and His Word, do it! Start practicing what you preach and one day you will no longer have to pretend. YOU are in control of your life. Words serve little purpose, it is your actions that mean the most.

I personally spend far too much time on the computer – I am aware of that, but I refuse to be anyone but myself. I will not put on a show for others; I am not here for your entertainment. I am here to be me, that is all. Every day is a step in the right direction and I am continually working on becoming a better person, and this will remain true until the day that I die. Until then, I will continue to practice what I preach and I believe you should do the same.


Xo -S.

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4 thoughts on “Practice What You Preach

  1. yalandarose says:

    i am amazed at how much time people spend on social media sites. a significant amount of blogs i read even on this site are from people that are lonely and depressed. i don’t know how we got so intimidated of interacting with each other. is it because we are so used to have everything done instantly that it is just easier to log on?

    • SM says:

      Yes! So many people have become addicted to the instantaneous results they receive from the internet. I have noticed that most people no longer have real people skills because a majority of their communication is conducted over the web or through text messages.

      • yalandarose says:

        it’s also changed our family functions. after everyone eats, the whole room is staring at their phones (except me because i still have a prepaid:( it wouldn’t surprise me if family gatherings become skyped on the flat screen.

  2. oceannah says:

    I’d much rather meet and be with people in person. That said, I do use my bloggy world to connect with people I would never meet otherwise. Besides the blog and the email, I don’t do any other social media…don’t even have a cell phone. I like that you challenge your readers to be authentic about themselves, hurray! Reminds me a bit of the hyperbolic annual ‘xmas/holiday’ greeting I get from some folks whose kids are on the deans list at Hahhvard, and they wish they could send pix from Tahiti 😉 blehhh…
    The trend toward less authenticity and connection does not bode well for the future I’m afraid.

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