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Back on the wagon

So it’s technically morning here in the first state and I am too heavily caffeinated for my body to allow me to sleep. Until recently, I was so proud of myself for keeping this blog up to date. After C graduated Tech School he finally returned to Florida, we married less than a week later and a week after our wedding we moved a thousand miles away from home, well 998 to be exact. If that’s not an excuse to abandon blogging for a few weeks, I don’t know what is.
Fortunately, too much has happened since my last post for me to squeeze everything into one tiny blog. In time, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our journey. It’s definitely been a trip I never want to forget.
As of today, C & I have officially been in Delaware for one month & I haven’t blogged in exactly two months. So far we love it here, but I’ll fill you in on that sometime throughout the week. I wouldn’t want to warrant any spoiler alerts. Oh, and just as a fair warning, you’ll be seeing a lot of me this week. Good luck!


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Wordless Wednesday : Dog Day


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True Love, True Heroes, True Story.

You can find the original article HERE. This story melts my heart and makes me truly thankful for everything I have. It has helped me learn to never take anything for granted.

They say every picture tells a story. In this case, times that by 22. I came across this series on Buzzfeed and was moved beyond words. Thanks to photographer Tim Dodd, the world can see what sacrifice and love means to a couple in Iowa. Warning: It’s a tearjerker.

Tim Dodd has been chronicling his friend—and war veteran—Taylor Morris’s amazing journey on his blog. Here are just some of the photos he has taken of Taylor and his longtime girlfriend Danielle over the course of their inspiring relationship:























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Military Life Thus Far

When I first began this journey, I stumbled across a blog that claimed military life is “a bunch of hurry up and wait,” months later I find this statement shockingly accurate. I have learned to never set anything in stone; all dates and plans are bound to change at any given moment. I have changed the date of our wedding roughly five or six times in the last three months. However, last night we were able to set a date that we actually have a teeny bit of faith in.

I have also learned that the needs of the Air Force come first –always. I believe this statement may be the hardest to grasp, but once you accept it your life will be much easier. Many people have a hard time coping with the fact that they are no longer their significant others top priority. It may be hard, but keep in mind that you have their heart and that is all that matters. It is easy to say that you know your place in your partner’s life however; it is another thing to truly believe it. It is much easier to understand this coming from a military/law enforcement upbringing and for that I am extremely thankful.

Acronyms and Abbreviations will be the death of me. I know I am still new to this MilSO thing, but I feel as if I need to walk around with some sort of dictionary in order to have a knowledgeable conversation. I am nearly positive C. gets tired of having to stop in the middle of every other sentence in order to explain to me what exactly he is talking about. Sometimes I have a suspicion that he is fabricating parts of his stories. There is a slight chance that he is just singing me his ABC’s and constructing new acronyms as he goes along… it’s not like I would know the difference. All kidding aside, I am slowly working on this AFKGHJSDTLY nonsense. It is my mission to decode all of these acronyms. One day, I too, will speak fluent gibberish and I will be pretty darn proud.

I believe that the most important aspect in military life (as well as ANY strong relationship) is communication. As for C. & I, our relationship is currently 85% text messages and 15% phone conversations. Oddly enough, I love him now more than ever. How is that possible? Easy. Effective communication. Honestly, before C. left our communication skills were subpar. As I have said before, I didn’t fully realize what I had until I no longer had it. C. leaving made me understand that I hadn’t fully given 110% towards our relationship; it was more like 98%. I spent the past five years keeping all of my emotions locked inside, thinking that C. knew how I felt. With that being said, I realized that I needed to give more in order to receive more in return, especially considering the distance between us. Men are not genius’s, they cannot read minds – we have to tell them what we want or how we feel in order for them to be on the same page as us. Every day I make time to explain to C. just how much he means to me. I never pass up a chance to tell him that I love him and I am constantly sending him uplifting quotes and messages as well as reminding him how proud he makes me. I take into consideration all of the things that he is going through and approach him accordingly (school should be his first priority and I do my best not to add any additional stress to his life or take up too much of his  time.) As of today I no longer keep my feelings bottled up inside – I am open, I am honest.  In return, (without being asked) C. has willingly begun communicating more effectively as well. Our relationship has blossomed into one big ball of awesomeness. I would not trade it for the world.

Although I would prefer to not have to go months without seeing C, I love this new life. I feel as if C. & I were made for this life and it molds to us like clay. We each have certain quirks that this type of environment emphasizes in great ways. I still have quite a bit to learn, but our journey has only just begun. I look forward to the path that lies ahead of us. As for now, I will continue packing and house hunting as we inch toward our first PCS and C. graduating Tech School. There are no words to accurately describe the amount of excitement that is swirling through my veins.

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One down, one to go : Halfway there!

Well, I have been home from San Antonio a few days now and I still haven’t managed to adjust from vacation-mode. Texas was absolutely amazing.

There was obviously something wrong with the plane we had taken from Florida to North Carolina. The flight crew was extremely grouchy and the plane sounded like it hadn’t had received proper maintenance in twenty years. As we left from North Carolina to San Antonio we had gotten word that there was a bomb threat at SAT, lovely. Don’t get me started on the turbulence we experienced on both flights! Our trip had quite a bumpy start, literally.

Once we arrived in San Antonio we found that the locals were more than pleasant. Apparently in order to live in Texas you must maintain a smile and proper manners at all times. We got barely any sleep on Wednesday night, which actually made it easy to wake up at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning. Our hotel was only a mile away from Lackland, which made it virtually effortless to make it on base. As we entered the gates our stomachs quickly tightened, it was the first time we were near C. in months. Finally it was time for the Airman’s Run. All of the graduating Airman ran past us in unison, singing their jodies. The Airman’s Run was followed by the Coin Ceremony and Base Liberty.

During Base Liberty we stayed at the Skylark Bowling Alley in order to beat the heat and get a bite to eat. Although it took a few minutes for C. to shake off his professional persona, he managed recover his sense of humor and talk for eight hours straight. It was great to finally hear his voice and hear about everything he had experienced during his time at Basic Training.


Friday had consisted of the Graduation Parade and C’s first town pass. It was the first time he had been off base since the beginning of June! San Antonio is a beautiful city. River Walk is without a doubt the most gorgeous place I have ever been. I adore the eclectic Western/Mexican style sprawled throughout Texas. I love Texas so much, it didn’t even bother me that it was 106 degrees outside, I just bought a cowboy hat (or four) and covered my expanding afro. That speaks volume.

We spent the next two days enjoying our time together as tourists. We managed to accomplish quite a bit in the short amount of time that we had. We toured the Alamo, Ripleys Believe it or Not, The Wax Museum, The 4D Theater, The Tower of the Americas and the entire perimeter of both River Walk and Lackland. I would say we managed to walk at least fifteen miles during the few days we were in Texas.


Since C. hadn’t had any sweets, listened to music, or went out on the town in months, he wanted to spend the entire trip eating ice cream, listening to music and walking all over town. I will never forget the first time he heard “Whistle” by Flo Rida, he started smiling his boyish grin and began whistling right along. He continued whistling for the reminder of the weekend…

Thankfully C. was an Honor Grad, so we were lucky enough to have an additional town pass on Sunday rather than Base Liberty. C. actually allowed us to take Sunday off from our Energizer Bunny-like schedule. We ordered in for lunch and spent the day relaxing and enjoying the last few hours we had together.

The courteous hotel staff allowed us to check out at 2pm instead of 10 am, which was wonderful. At 2 we left for the BX to get  all of the supplies he would need for Tech School. As we began to check out my eyes began filling with tears. I knew our time together was limited. We made our way to the car and headed back to the bowling alley where we had to drop him off. As we got out of the car and said our goodbyes, his mom and I were both overwhelmed with with sadness. C.looked back at us as he was walking away and turned around for another hug, which naturally turned my little sobs into a full on a sniffly, sobbing, nose running tear fest. Attractive, right? Our overbearing emotions also caused us to get lost on the way to the airport (multiple times) and nearly miss our flight. Not to mention , his moms diamond straps on her shirt and her belly button ring set off the lovely new full body scanners at the airport so she was quickly whisked away for a private full body pat-down. That was interesting.

Spending the weekend with C. was magical. This experience has been by far the longest we have gone without seeing/talking to each other in the five years that we have been together. Seeing him in his uniform is a surefire way to melt my heart. Viewing his newfound manners and confidence causes a goofy smile to stretch wildly across the width of my face. Upon my arrival, I was weary of the “No PDA/No hugs longer than 3 seconds” rules while in uniform, but having C’s arms around me assured me that I was right where I needed to be. You know the old saying, “the longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss?” Oddly enough the same applies for hugs. I never knew how much a simple hug could mean to me until the first time C. hugged me after the Coin Ceremony. As we walked down the streets of San Antonio, many people’s heads turned to him and smiled as he passed them. Others stopped him to thank him for his service and shook his hand, no matter what their actions were, everyone looked at C. with a sense of pride. I do not think there is anything more rewarding than walking beside the man you love while he’s in uniform.

Thankfully BMT is now just a mere memory.

The days I spent in San Antonio were without a doubt some of the most memorable days in my life. Watching the one you love accomplish great things is the most thrilling feeling in the world. There are no words to describe the amount of excitement, honor and love I was able to experience this past week. Texas will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am truly blessed.

Now to begin counting down until the days he gets home from Tech School!


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Practice What You Preach

Other than Wordless Wednesdays and Throwback Thursdays, I have not posted much lately. I decided that I am going to be a little rebellious this Wednesday and post a not-so-wordless blog. Today, I am going to climb aboard my soap box and rant about something I feel passionate about.

Practice what you preach.

Social media makes it so easy for people to illustrate their lives in ways in which are completely untrue. I am a firm believer that life is what you make it. If you make your life out to be glorious on Facebook or Twitter, obviously you are aware of the finer things in life – why not actually live the life you are portraying online?

I stumbled upon a SomeEcard last week that said something about actually living out the bible verses you admire, not just getting them tattooed on you. It works the same for a status update, anyone can quote the bible and act as if they are truly happy, but it is your actions that count – not your status updates.

My life is not perfect, I am not perfect. Actually, I am far from perfect. I may not choose to share every single low point I have had ever endured throughout my life online, but I also don’t pretend I am a princess from another world that inherited millions of dollars and I have never had a bad day in my life. There is a difference between discretion and full on exaggeration.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the way people treat others. I see so many people treat others badly, but then post about how much they love the person and ramble on for hours about how great they are. Instead of putting it in your next status update, why don’t you actually tell the person you are referring to and maybe treat them with a little more love and respect?!

Instead of putting ample amounts of thought into your next status update or photo-op, why don’t you devote that time to focusing on your real life- not your online persona? If everyone would spend as much time in reality as they do on the web, maybe our relationships with one another would be much greater. If you really love someone as much as you say you do online, show them. If you really want to live your life for the Lord and His Word, do it! Start practicing what you preach and one day you will no longer have to pretend. YOU are in control of your life. Words serve little purpose, it is your actions that mean the most.

I personally spend far too much time on the computer – I am aware of that, but I refuse to be anyone but myself. I will not put on a show for others; I am not here for your entertainment. I am here to be me, that is all. Every day is a step in the right direction and I am continually working on becoming a better person, and this will remain true until the day that I die. Until then, I will continue to practice what I preach and I believe you should do the same.


Xo -S.

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Baby Steps to a Lasting, Loving Relationship.

Via Yahoo. Click here for the original article.

By Ted Kewin and Denise Jaden, author of Never Enough

In the beginning, relationships are really quite simple, aren’t they? You like someone, you go on a date, you date some more, and eventually you decide to commit. At this point you and your mate have a common goal: to make it work. You’re both excited about your future together.

Skip ahead 50 years and look at the couples who finish each other’s sentences and help each other through little everyday tasks like getting up from a chair or making dinner. Anyone on the outside can see that they add to one another’s lives. They’re living a simple and happy life together. So what happens in the middle? Why do relationships have to get so complicated?

Here are some keys we’ve found to help make things simple again.

Tune in. When you’re dating, you think you’re listening, but are you really? Or are you just stuck in your way of thinking while your mate is stuck in his or hers? Make it a habit to repeat back what you think the other person has just said to you. You’ll be surprised the amount of times that you’re wrong! Eventually you can learn to understand each other better, and, yes, even finish each other’s sentences!

Win-win. A lot of people use the word “compromise,” but should you always feel like you’re sacrificing? In a relationship, rather than looking for reasons why you should get your own way, try to look for ways that you can also make it a winning situation for your mate. If your focus is wrong, your relationship can easily become a self-serving factory, rather than a safe place where you can both grow as people. Here’s a tool you can try using to find the win-win in your situation: Have your mate rate from 1-10 the importance of the thing that they want, and then you do the same. Rather than telling your mate why he or she doesn’t need what they want, talk through why what you want is important to you, and how you might make it less important.

Mine for gold. Give your mate the benefit of the doubt. Remember that there was once something that attracted you to this person. They can’t be all bad! Think of a time when you were in the simple stage, when you saw the good in this person’s heart. Focus on this instead of the faults you might see before you.

We’re different. Remember that men and women often don’t think the same. A woman wants to be everything to her man. She wants to be the person that fulfills him and makes him feel alive. The thing is, a man will feel alive often only by his own ambitions and conquering. It’s nothing personal toward his mate if he’s unfulfilled, but perhaps she can help him find what he’s lacking.

Keep a united front. Never argue publicly, or even in front of close friends. Keep your fights to yourselves. Remember that others will only remember the fight and the faults that they see. They likely won’t be around when you work things out, and may have trouble forgiving either you or your mate. Also included in this point: Curb the urge to correct your mate in public. The people you’re with may not notice, but your mate will. One simple correction could negate all the work you’ve been putting in to making your mate feel safe with you.

Do the right thing. Say you’re sorry when you’re wrong. Do you have a problem admitting when you’re wrong? When was the last time you admitted it? Realize that if it’s been a while, this may beyour problem and not your mate’s. Everyone is at fault sometime, and humility, from both parties, is essential to keep a relationship strong.

Let go. Isolate the problem you’re dealing with and don’t bring up past arguments or faults. Let go of past offenses. Having more ammo is not the point of a relationship. Getting along and supporting one another is.

Right or happy? Do you think people who have been married 50 years just naturally agree on everything? They don’t. Many of them have just learned to stop sweating the small stuff. They can allow their mate to be right in areas they may not agree with, because they’ve realized it’s not worth worrying about.

Invest. Book a weekly date night. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but try to make it a time that encourages having fun together and getting to know one another better. Yearly retreats to learn relational skills are also a great idea. Relationships don’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to take you 50 years to make yours better. Wouldn’t you like to be the only couple at the table who is still on their first marriage? Or the couple people look at and wonder, “Why is their relationship so easy?”

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