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True Love, True Heroes, True Story.

You can find the original article HERE. This story melts my heart and makes me truly thankful for everything I have. It has helped me learn to never take anything for granted.

They say every picture tells a story. In this case, times that by 22. I came across this series on Buzzfeed and was moved beyond words. Thanks to photographer Tim Dodd, the world can see what sacrifice and love means to a couple in Iowa. Warning: It’s a tearjerker.

Tim Dodd has been chronicling his friend—and war veteran—Taylor Morris’s amazing journey on his blog. Here are just some of the photos he has taken of Taylor and his longtime girlfriend Danielle over the course of their inspiring relationship:























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Military Life Thus Far

When I first began this journey, I stumbled across a blog that claimed military life is “a bunch of hurry up and wait,” months later I find this statement shockingly accurate. I have learned to never set anything in stone; all dates and plans are bound to change at any given moment. I have changed the date of our wedding roughly five or six times in the last three months. However, last night we were able to set a date that we actually have a teeny bit of faith in.

I have also learned that the needs of the Air Force come first –always. I believe this statement may be the hardest to grasp, but once you accept it your life will be much easier. Many people have a hard time coping with the fact that they are no longer their significant others top priority. It may be hard, but keep in mind that you have their heart and that is all that matters. It is easy to say that you know your place in your partner’s life however; it is another thing to truly believe it. It is much easier to understand this coming from a military/law enforcement upbringing and for that I am extremely thankful.

Acronyms and Abbreviations will be the death of me. I know I am still new to this MilSO thing, but I feel as if I need to walk around with some sort of dictionary in order to have a knowledgeable conversation. I am nearly positive C. gets tired of having to stop in the middle of every other sentence in order to explain to me what exactly he is talking about. Sometimes I have a suspicion that he is fabricating parts of his stories. There is a slight chance that he is just singing me his ABC’s and constructing new acronyms as he goes along… it’s not like I would know the difference. All kidding aside, I am slowly working on this AFKGHJSDTLY nonsense. It is my mission to decode all of these acronyms. One day, I too, will speak fluent gibberish and I will be pretty darn proud.

I believe that the most important aspect in military life (as well as ANY strong relationship) is communication. As for C. & I, our relationship is currently 85% text messages and 15% phone conversations. Oddly enough, I love him now more than ever. How is that possible? Easy. Effective communication. Honestly, before C. left our communication skills were subpar. As I have said before, I didn’t fully realize what I had until I no longer had it. C. leaving made me understand that I hadn’t fully given 110% towards our relationship; it was more like 98%. I spent the past five years keeping all of my emotions locked inside, thinking that C. knew how I felt. With that being said, I realized that I needed to give more in order to receive more in return, especially considering the distance between us. Men are not genius’s, they cannot read minds – we have to tell them what we want or how we feel in order for them to be on the same page as us. Every day I make time to explain to C. just how much he means to me. I never pass up a chance to tell him that I love him and I am constantly sending him uplifting quotes and messages as well as reminding him how proud he makes me. I take into consideration all of the things that he is going through and approach him accordingly (school should be his first priority and I do my best not to add any additional stress to his life or take up too much of his  time.) As of today I no longer keep my feelings bottled up inside – I am open, I am honest.  In return, (without being asked) C. has willingly begun communicating more effectively as well. Our relationship has blossomed into one big ball of awesomeness. I would not trade it for the world.

Although I would prefer to not have to go months without seeing C, I love this new life. I feel as if C. & I were made for this life and it molds to us like clay. We each have certain quirks that this type of environment emphasizes in great ways. I still have quite a bit to learn, but our journey has only just begun. I look forward to the path that lies ahead of us. As for now, I will continue packing and house hunting as we inch toward our first PCS and C. graduating Tech School. There are no words to accurately describe the amount of excitement that is swirling through my veins.

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You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

One week ago today C. and I were driving back from Tampa, hand in hand reminiscing over the wonderful weekend we had just shared with one another. We had just been to the opening show of The Brothers of the Sun Tour along with a mini-vacation on the West Coast. We spoke about the future, wondering what he would encounter during BMT. As we got closer to I95, my heart slowly dropped to my feet. Each mile we endured meant we were one minute closer to the last moment I would see him until August.

Tomorrow morning will be exactly one week since I have seen or spoke with him. I have done my very best to remain strong throughout this past week. I never imagined just how difficult life would be without C. around. It is unnerving to deal with the daily demands of life without your best friend. I have always known that C. was my best friend, my rock. However, without him around I have noticed that he is not just my rock, he is more like my boulder. C. is the one person I can count on no matter what; he accepts me for who I am, never lets me down and most importantly, he makes me want to be a better person.

It appears that I need C. in my life much more than I thought I did. I fish my phone out of my purse on a daily basis to text him good morning or call him on my way home from work, but as I am scrolling for his name I quickly stop myself – realizing that he cannot be reached. It melts my heart not being able to speak with him.

I decided to put in my two-week notice at work this week. I have been with my current employer for nearly two years, it is the only job I have ever had. It was a decision I made in order to move forward with my life, reaching toward my future goals -our future goals. This has been the first large decision I have ever made for two people rather than one. This week I also met with my best friend for the beginning stages of wedding planning. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined planning a wedding without my future husband.  Making decisions without C. is unsettling, I always have him to back me up with whatever decision I make. Reaching conclusions without C’s unbiased opinions is like attempting to walk in the dark.

I can only imagine what he is going through at this moment. I recall him telling me that Sundays are the easiest days in BMT, it is the only day that you get a few hours to yourself. A few hours to relax and meditate after six days of physical and mental stress. T he motherly genes in me worry, wanting to know that he is taken care of. Luckily I know that he is in good hands. These next eight weeks will be excruciating, but I know in the end it will only strengthen our relationship. For now, I will continue to remain strong and put on a happy face.

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Hello world!

Hello everyone!

With this being my first blog for “Hermetic Heroes” I would just like to inform you all of my intentions and goals for this blog in addition to a brief description of the woman behind the keyboard.

I am currently a military fiancée, my significant other is exactly twelve days away from entering the United States Air Force. Although we are both new to this experience, we are both very excited to see what military life has in store for us.

As a quick disclaimer: I am not an English major, my grammar is far from perfect and I would be lost without autocorrect – please keep that in mind while reading this blog. I apologize in advance for my imperfections.

Personally, I am a planner, I have to have everything laid out ahead of time in order to obtain any level of productivity. My plans have plans, seriously. So when I was trying to plan a wedding, help create a dream sheet and learn about the military – I found myself stumbling upon numerous websites for days, with most websites being completely useless. I came across many websites that provided quite a bit of information, but none of them could fully answer all of my questions. Yesterday I began thinking to myself, “wouldn’t this be easier if someone had one gigantic website with all of the information you’re looking for – kind of like a Wikipedia for military spouses?” Obviously, the answer is YES!

I hope that this blog can be a place for military members and “significant others” of all branches, marital status’ and ranks to come together and connect with one another while finding the answers you are looking for. Ideally, this will be a place where everyone can learn something . Bare with me as I attempt to gather the appropriate information to answer everyone’s questions. Keep in mind, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” This website will continue to be a work in progress. I will also blog about my personal experiences with military life, I know it is useful to hear real-life stories. I will do my best to keep everything up-to-date so check back frequently!


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