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PiYo, my new favorite workout.

These past few months have seemed like a decade. I have so much going on, I often don’t know how I am going to make it through the day without my head spinning off my shoulders like a cartoon character.
With the wedding right around the corner, it is now my mission to get in shape. I am currently blogging from my elliptical. That’s dedication, right? Hah! If only it were that easy…
Anyway, a couple of girls from work asked me if I wanted to participate in a PiYo class with them twice a week. Although I had no idea what PiYo was, I am not usually one to pass up something new. Yesterday I drug my little sister along with me to figure out what this “PiYo” was all about.
Well, it turns out PiYo is actually Pilates and Yoga mixed together with upbeat music and fast movements. Pilates helps tone your body & yoga improves your balance, posture, strength and aids in unclogging your blood vessels to assist with weight loss. Apparently I am not your typical female. I have never been a cheerleader, dancer, ballerina or anything of the sort. PiYo was truly a unique experience for me.
It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized how truly horrible my balance is (especially when trying to balance on my left foot, that is a funny sight.) I had an amazing time learning all of the yoga poses and the fast movements have my muscles screaming today! The warrior poses are by far my favorite, I feel a tad hardcore when holding my “Warrior 2” stance.
I think PiYo just may be the coolest thing to enter our small town and it is also my new favorite past time. Watch out Miley Cyrus! I didn’t even mention the best part! During our cool-down our instructor used two songs from the movie Brave – if that’s not enough to make you want to take a PiYo class, I don’t know what is. I can already feel the results. I have never felt more limber in my life. I also feel the nice post work out burn in my butt – that is an awesome feeling! It felt great to finally allow my yoga pants to live up to their full potential, you know, doing something other than lounging on the couch.
I am looking forward to going back. It feels good to go out, leave work and stress behind and do something for yourself. Personally, I think that everyone deserves a little “me” time, especially if you are devoting that time towards a healthier lifestyle. If you haven’t already, you should contact my good friend, Google or your local gym to see if there is a PiYo class near you – you won’t regret it!

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